Meet Our National Law Scholar: Asif Saeed of Frontier Law College, Peshawar

Meet Our National Law Scholar: Asif Saeed of Frontier Law College, Peshawar

“Each one of us comes across various challenges in life. It is often these obstacles that define one’s courage, consistency and sacrifice, which shape our future and the destiny of many others. It is often the bold choices that we make that determine who we really are!

Studying law has always been a passion. I have recently embarked on a journey of getting myself equipped with the most pragmatic and influential area of knowledge i.e. legal studies. My father, who is a lawyer, has always been an inspiration and I am also inspired by the characters of Harvey Specter and Alan Shore. I believe that when we want to become a useful clog in the machinery of the society, protecting and harvesting justice is the best way possible and it is only possible if we acquire legal education.

I completed my Bachelors in Business Administration, followed by an MBA with honours. Prior to that I finished high school from the prestigious Cadet College Kohat. I have been an active sportsman during college, a tech-geek and photographer by hobby, a marketer/trainer by profession and an entrepreneur/business consultant by career. I like to take calculated risks but at the same time I am even up for an adventure!

I like to learn from people. So if you have something to share, I am all ears!”

Asif Saeed

The writer is a law student at Frontier Law College, Peshawar and also holds an MBA degree. He is a scholar under CourtingtheLaw's National Scholarship Program.

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