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The UK and Brexit

The UK and Brexit The European mammoth that is the European Union (EU) had been long asleep; confident in its strength and the unshakable foundation that it had built. Hovering over global

Incentivize Investing In Afghanistan

Incentivize Investing In Afghanistan It is perhaps fate that the company formed to pursue trade in the East Indies ended up ruling India. When the East India Company found the Indies to

foreign aid

Pakistan – Dependent or Independent?

Pakistan – Dependent or Independent? Over half a century ago, our forefathers gave their lives to the cause of a separate nation where the minorities of the subcontinent could live independently. Thus, eventually

Britain + Exit = Brexit

Britain + Exit =  Brexit United Kingdom was led into new era of its history on the dawn of 23rd June 2016. When the highest turnout of 71.8% decided the fate of


Master & Servant

Master & Servant With a projected population of 191.71 million people, Pakistan is often ranked as the sixth most populous country in the world. According to official sources, 60% of the total


Structure Of Land Register

Structure Of Land Register The link between law and economics is often undermined in Pakistan. In doing so, we ignore the impact that our institution of private property has on the national