Law Society To Hold a Programme To Raise Awareness In Lahore

Law Society To Hold a Programme To Raise Awareness In Lahore

Non-government Organizations (NGOs) are working with the Law Society to introduce, “Law Awareness Week 2015”, which will include a series of law talks with the residents of Lahore.

About 3,000 residents are expected to attend 30 sessions during the week. The objective of this venture is to promote awareness among people, which would instill a basic understanding of the law, and empower citizens to navigate basic legal issues. Topics of presentations will include cyber wellness, privacy and intellectual property rights, which would serve to enlighten and inform citizens on laws that are increasingly relevant in our modern digital age, said Law Society Secretary Intazar Mahdi.

Topics such as human rights, consumer protection and civil rights that affect all citizens on a daily basis would also be covered for audiences at all stages of life. The talks are tailored for legally and non-legally trained audiences, with the aim of breaking down “legal jargon” into terms that are easily understandable for the common people.

Law Society Secretary Intazar Mahdi also stated that it is important for the people on the street to have basic awareness of law as this would help strengthen the access to justice, adding that knowledge of law gives an individual greater confidence in handling legal issues.

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