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ADR Success Story: Khushab

ADR Success Story: Khushab Mediation is a voluntary process of dispute resolution. It keeps intact the social relationship between the parties. Solution reached through mediation or conciliation is more likely to be

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Recidivism and Prison Reforms in Punjab

Recidivism and Prison Reforms in Punjab Amidst the political backlash faced by the government for detaining whoever it lays its finger on (allegedly for all the right reasons), we tend to focus


Blackbuck Protection and Animal Rights

Blackbuck Protection and Animal Rights The Lahore High Court recently announced a verdict directing the Punjab government to take precautionary safety measures in order to protect a vulnerable species known as the

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Anti-Harassment Laws in Pakistan

Anti-Harassment Laws in Pakistan Sexual harassment is a non-consensual act, carried out either physically or mentally, or through words spoken towards another person, in a sexual context, which makes the victim uncomfortable

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English–Urdu Legal Terms – W

English–Urdu Legal Terms – W Note from the author: “As an erstwhile burger vakeel (lawyer), eager to join the lively katchery (district courts) scene, I can relate to the frustration faced by other in the clan,


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Sports Law in Pakistan with Salman Naseer (PCB)

An Insight Into Sports Law In Pakistan With Salman Naseer, Senior GM Legal Affairs & Secretary to the Board at the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) The following discussion with Mr. Salman Naseer focuses