Nottingham Law School Turned Into A ‘Teaching Law Firm’

Nottingham Law School Turned Into A ‘Teaching Law Firm’ 

A law school in Nottingham has managed to turn itself into a law firm that will be staffed by unqualified students.

Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) accepted Nottingham Law School’s application to become an Alternative Business Structure (ABS), which means that it is a fully functional law firm.

Nottingham has said that the new law firm will be a study aid to help future lawyers gain good experience. And students, who will be supervised by qualified lawyers, will first focus on providing pro bono rather than paid-for legal advice/service.

The key areas of law advised on will be housing, property, welfare and employment. Since June 2014, more than 200 of its students have spent 10,000 hours advising 180 clients, and £40,000 has been recovered for clients at tribunals.

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