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Law Of Binding Precedents

Law Of Binding Precedents INTRODUCTION In view of the hierarchical character of the judicial system in Pakistan, it is of paramount importance that the law declared by courts should be certain, clear

‘Foreign-Aided’ Party and Prohibited Funds

‘Foreign-Aided’ Party and Prohibited Funds  “Other than reasonable restrictions in the interest of the sovereignty or integrity of Pakistan, any other restriction that abridges or in any manner impairs the free functioning

Disqualification Case Against Imran Khan

Disqualification Case Against Imran Khan In a case filed by Muhammad Hanif Abbasi against Imran Khan Niazi (Constitution Petition 35 of 2016) in the Supreme Court of Pakistan, an issue raised for disqualification

Panama Verdict: Sword Of Damocles?

Panama Verdict: Sword Of Damocles? The story behind ‘sword of Damocles’ has become relevant for Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in the wake of Supreme Court’s judgment in Imran Ahmad Khan Niazi v

Legitimizing Dirty Money

Legitimizing Dirty Money Promulgation of Finance (Amendment) Ordinance) 2012, by the President on 24 April 2012, just one day before the scheduled session of National Assembly, was certainly an undesirable and questionable