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National Accountability Bureau Updates

National Accountability Bureau Updates The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has selected a handful of officers on merit out of the thousands of applications received. The Chair of the Bureau acknowledged the magnitude

Supremacy Of The Supreme Court

Supremacy Of The Supreme Court The government has revealed its plan to amend Articles 62 and 63 of the Constitution – invoked by the Supreme Court to disqualify the former Prime Minister

Election Bill 2017

Election Bill 2017 A session of the National Assembly was called to debate the amendments to a proposed election law forwarded by the opposition parties. The government rejected a suggestion to set

War Against Judiciary

War Against Judiciary The recent judgment in Panamagate by the Supreme Court has driven Pakistan into a state of democratic turmoil. The decision against the Prime Minister with his consequent disqualification has

foreign aid

Pakistan – Dependent or Independent?

Pakistan – Dependent or Independent? Over half a century ago, our forefathers gave their lives to the cause of a separate nation where the minorities of the subcontinent could live independently. Thus, eventually