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Dania Malik

Little Abused Souls Await Justice

Little Abused Souls Await Justice In every civilized nation of the world children are regarded as innocent, special and valuable assets through whom significant societal transformation occurs. Due to this very reason

Imaan Zainab Hazir Mazari

Protecting our Children: Kasur in Perspective

Protecting our Children: Kasur in Perspective Sexual abuse in Pakistan is widespread and often goes unchecked. Societal norms, particularly the notion of ‘family honour,’ result in double-punishment for victims of sexual abuse:

Syed Reza Ali

Creditor Winding Up Of Limited Companies in Pakistan; A Practical Narrative

Most lawyers engaged in the corporate sector would be familiar with this scenario; a disgruntled client, pontificates that a limited company owes them money, either through breach of a contract or reneging

co authored

Legislative Powers Of Federation Of Pakistan And Provinces Thereof And Some Obscurities

It is irony of fate that after the abolition of the Concurrent Legislative list contained in the Fourth Schedule to the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, 1973 the divisions of