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Anti-Harassment Laws in Pakistan

Anti-Harassment Laws in Pakistan Sexual harassment is a non-consensual act, carried out either physically or mentally, or through words spoken towards another person, in a sexual context, which makes the victim uncomfortable

Remissness Towards Juvenile Rights

Remissness Towards Juvenile Rights The guiding principles set out this year by UNICEF state that, “Children’s rights are human rights for children.” The 1989 United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC)


Do You Know Your Qaaf Se Qanoon?

Do You Know Your Qaaf Se Qanoon? Good things should be appreciated and promoted, a recent example would be Qaaf se Qanoon, a radio-show, launched on ZAB FM 106.6.What this show seeks to

Offences – Basic Concepts

Offences – Basic Concepts Section 40 of Pakistan Penal Code (PPC) defines an offence as any act or omission which has been made punishable by any/special or local law. However, section 81 articulates


Acquisition Proceedings Revisited

Acquisition Proceedings Revisited Unjustifiable acquisition of land by government authorities in the name of public interest is in limelight these days. Pressure groups and affected individuals have raised objections with the view

nursing at workplace

Breastfeeding At The Workplace In Pakistan

Breastfeeding At The Workplace In Pakistan  A few days ago when I was researching on the possible maternity rights available to women in Pakistan, I was exposed to the fact that all


Maternity Leave Rights in Pakistan

Maternity Leave Rights in Pakistan Pakistan has four laws that cover maternity related issues: 1. The Mines Maternity Benefits Act, 1981 2. The West Pakistan Maternity Benefit Ordinance, 1958 3. The Provincial