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Groping In The Dark

Groping In The Dark Operation Radd-ul-Fasaad has been launched in the aftermath of the recent deadly suicide attack at Sehwan Sharif. The blast claimed lives of 88 devotees and injured hundreds more


Licence To Kill

Licence To Kill Vigilante justice has become a norm in Pakistan. Supporters of vigilante justice justify their actions by quoting the poor law and order situation and diminishing public trust in the

Bangladesh On Trial

Bangladesh On Trial The atrocities perpetrated by all the sides in East Pakistan in 1971 were reprehensible. For its excesses, Pakistan expressed regret to the people of Bangladesh in 2002, with a

An Excuse to Recuse

An Excuse to Recuse It is a well-known fact that the judiciary needs to be independent of the other arms of the State in order for judges to act as effective arbiters

malik ishaq

Malik Ishaq and The Due-Process Argument

Two lives: Yakub Memon and Malik Ishaq. One convicted of terrorism, with the conviction upheld by India’s top court. The other accused of being a terror master-mind as well as the inspiration