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How to Conduct Cross Examination Effectively

How to Conduct Cross Examination Effectively Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.” Similarly, when working on a legal case, a wise strategy must be prepared before entering the

#KhadijaTheFighter – A Recap

#KhadijaTheFighter – A Recap Khadija Siddiqi’s case and her bravery amidst all the chaos has continued to serve as a lesson for women to hold their heads up high and fight against

Bangladesh On Trial

Bangladesh On Trial The atrocities perpetrated by all the sides in East Pakistan in 1971 were reprehensible. For its excesses, Pakistan expressed regret to the people of Bangladesh in 2002, with a

Justice is Blind

Speedy And Inexpensive Justice

Speedy And Inexpensive Justice The state has its most pivotal and prime function in the dispensation of justice to its citizens, wherever they may be, at the earliest and without burden of

Legal Framework for Pakistan

Law is central to society and our daily lives in this globalized world. No society can claim to have adequate civic education for building a civil society if people don’t have a