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Associate Counsel Position In UAE

Associate Counsel Position In UAE An Abu Dhabi based law firm requires a lawyer with 4-5 years of corporate/ commercial/ real-estate experience in an in-house position with either a multinational company or a

Anti-Discriminatory Law Issued in UAE

The Anti-Discriminatory Law issued following a decree by President Sheikh Khalifa, seeks to criminalize any act that promotes religious hatred and/or which insults religion through any form of expression. The law covers any speech,

Office Timings In Ramazan

Office Timings In Ramazan Three things that concern Pakistanis the most before the beginning of the holy month of Ramazan are; sugar prices, electricity shortage given the severity of hot weather and

Law In UAE Imposes Fine For Swearing on Whatsapp

Under a new federal law governing internet users in UAE, people could be jailed and fined 250,000 Dirhams, while expatriates could be deported from the UAE. The Federal Supreme Court supported the