Provincial Ombudsman Punjab

Academic year of thousands of student studying in Technical and Poly Technical Institutes, affiliated with Punjab Board of Technical Education, was saved due to timely intervention of Ombudsman Punjab Javed Mahmood. Punjab Board of Technical Education had declared ineligible all those students who had passed their Matric Examinations through Supplementary Exams, even after timely enrolment/registration, to take forthcoming annual examination. The decision was worst type of maladministration and the same has been now taken back on the orders of Ombudsman Punjab Javed Mahmood.

According to details, students of different Technical and Poly Technical Institutes lodged complaints to Ombudsman Punjab that they passed their matriculation in Supplementary Exams of BISE and got registration in different type of courses in Technical/Poly Technical Institutes affiliated with Punjab Board of Technical Education (PITB) as it announced its schedule of enrolment/admission in 2104. Now PITB, through its circular, has informed all Technical Institutes that such students are not qualified to take forthcoming annual exams which is unjust and irrational decision of PITB has out the carrier of students at stake.
Ombudsman Punjab directed Chief Provincial Commissioner for Children Nasreen Farooque Ayub to probe the issue. It was revealed during course of inquiry that all the students got registration of PITB online or through concerned Technical Institute, in time and PITB had no such policy at the time of registration. It was afterthought of PITB which could result as spoiling valuable academic year of thousands of students. Ombudsman Punjab ordered PITB to take back such irrational circular while declaring all such students eligible to take next examinations and saved valuable one year of studies of the students. PITB, in compliance to the orders of Ombudsman Punjab, has issued notification and informed all affiliated Technical Institutes accordingly.