How Can Overseas Pakistanis Re-Verify Their SIMs

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) can direct cellular companies to block mobile phone SIMs (subscriber identity module) for lack of ownership verification so it is imperative to have your connections registered and verified through biometrics and proper documentation.

  1. For those SIMs which are present in Pakistan and their owners residing/visiting abroad, subscribers shall be advised to carryout Change of Ownership to the names of family members as per the standard procedure. One additional proof of relationship with the owner shall be seen and recorded by Mobile Companies for reference.
  1. In case the SIM is neither in Pakistan nor on international roaming, it shall be blocked if not verified by due date. The SIM shall be unblocked, once subscriber carries out verification again. However, Mobile Companies shall make arrangements to ensure that the SIM is not issued to any other subscriber for a period of one year from the date of blocking.
  1. For SIMs that are operating overseas on international roaming, except Afghanistan, following process shall be adopted:

(a) Mobile companies shall send an SMS to all overseas Pakistanis (on international roaming) asking them to get their SIMs re-verified as per following process.

(b) Mobile Companies shall carry-out preliminary verification of the subscriber (through a code etc.) to assess genuineness of the subscriber. The verification shall include taking information such as CNIC, mother’s name, place of birth, etc. and verifying the same by taking data from NADRA.

(c) If verification is successful, CNIC and SIM numbers registered against it shall be tagged as “Temporarily Verified” till return of CNIC holder to Pakistan.

(d) A deadline of 31st March 2016 has been fixed for blocking of temporary verified SIMs, if not verified by that time.

(e) However, this facility shall only be applicable for subscribers operating on international roaming.

  1. For overseas Pakistanis in Afghanistan, verification shall be carried out as per procedure given at Para 1 or 2, above.
  1. Overseas Pakistanis can also visit following websites or contact their respective mobile company for further information/help:

Mobilink :

[email protected]

Telenor :

[email protected]


[email protected]


[email protected]


[email protected]

  1. In case of any difficulty, please send your queries / complaints to [email protected]