Non-bailable Arrest Warrant Issued for Meera Jee

Film actor, Meera’s non-bailable arrest warrant was issued today at a Lahore sessions court by Judicial Magistrate Wajid Minhas. Meera is to be presented in court on September 17 in relation to the ongoing case, which was filed by her alleged former husband Atiqur Rehman. The case was registered in court alleging that Meera married another man- Captain Naveed- while she was still married to Atiq.

When Meera did not show up for multiple court hearings, the sessions court issued the non-bailable arrest warrants.

Atiq supposedly claimed that the actor had previously threatened to have him killed and had stolen furniture from a house that he had gifted to Meera. In return, Meera had planned to register a case against Atiq for threatening and attempting to murder her.

In 2014, a sessions court had ordered the FIA to register a case against Meera and Captain (r) Naveed. A petition that was submitted, claimed that a controversial video of the couple which had been leaked and posted on the internet had brought disrepute to the country. Meera claimed that the video was unauthentic and said that it was aimed to harm her position and credibility as a person and a celebrity.