English–Urdu Legal Terms – F

Note from the author: “As an erstwhile burger vakeel (lawyer), eager to join the lively katchery (district courts) scene, I can relate to the frustration faced by other in the clan, trying to make sense of the Farsi-Urdu legal terms. Poring over the lughats (urdu dictionaries) lead to more frustration. So, wanting to share whatever I have learnt over the years, I present my very own compilation of commonly used legal terms.” – via natalyakamal.wordpress.com

Legal Term Urdu Roman Urdu
Family Law/matrimonial law عائلی قوانین aaili qanoon
Farmer ID (Holding slips) ختونی khatuni
Federal Shariat Court وفاقی شرعی عدالت Wafaqi Sharae Adalat
Federation of Pakistan وفاق پاکستان Wafaq-e-Pakistan
Fiduciary relationship نگہبانی/امانتی تعلق nigehe baani/amaanati taaluq
FIR ابتدائ اطلائ رپورٹ ibdadai itlai report
Fundamental rights بنيادی حقوق bunyaadi haqooq
Natalya Kamal

Author: Natalya Kamal