OBITUARY – Abdul Hafiz Pirzada


Mr. Abdul Hafiz Pirzada was a Senior Advocate of the Supreme Court of Pakistan. He was one of the finest legal minds to have graced the land of the pure and the primary drafter of Constitution of Pakistan, 1973. He will always be credited for his contribution in strengthening the federation by providing a document that has kept the center and provinces connected for more than four decades. Mr. Pirzada was one of the founding members of Pakistan Peoples Party and was considered a close aid and confidant to the Former Prime Minister of Paksitan, Mr. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. He also served as a law minister during PPP’s first tenure in government. Team at Courting The Law grieves with Mr. Pizada’s family and prays that may ALLAH (s.w.t) bless the departed soul. He died in Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading, West of London, on 1st September, 2015.

Bilal Ramzan

Author: Bilal Ramzan

The writer is a lawyer, has an LLM in International Law from the University of Cambridge and is a member of the Editorial Team of Courting The Law.