Release Of Wastewater In Chenab: Plea Disposed Of

Release Of Wastewater In Chenab: Plea Disposed Of

The Lahore High Court has disposed of a matter regarding release of industrial and domestic wastewater in the river Chenab as the Environment Secretary undertook to install wastewater treatment plants on disposal points.

A written reply submitted on behalf of the Secretary also said no construction work would be carried out along the river without an approval of the Environment Department.

Haroon Malik had filed a petition contending that the wastewater and waste substances from homes and factories were being released in the Chenab without treatment.

The petitioner said the contamination of the river had been seriously affecting arable lands and corps. He said the conduct on the part of the officials was highly deplorable and steps were not taken to keep the river water clean.

He asked the court to order the authorities to stop disposal of wastewater in the river without treatment.


This news was previously published in DAWN and is being republished here with permission.