Shadow Cabinet: Notice To Govt

Shadow Cabinet: Notice To Govt

The Lahore High Court has issued notices to the federal and Punjab governments on a petition by Opposition Leader in the Punjab Assembly Mian Mahmoodur Rasheed for a shadow cabinet in the province.

Advocate Sheraz Zaka argued on behalf of the petitioner as Justice Masood Jahangir held the first hearing. The lawyer said formation of a shadow cabinet had become indispensable in the province as it would introduce further checks and balances in the accountability system.

He argued that the cabinet, if formed, would enhance the scope of a democratically elected government in implementation of good governance. He asked the court to order an amendment to Assembly Rules to form the shadow cabinet in Punjab on the lines of British parliamentary system.

The judge heard the arguments and issued notices to the respondents for May 24.


This news was previously published in DAWN and it is being republished here with permission.