Laws Open House & Employers’ Fair Islamabad

Laws Open House & Employers’ Fair Islamabad

Law was in the air at Serena Hotel Islamabad recently, where various reputable law firms explained exactly what they were looking for in an applicant [].

Faisal Khan, a partner at Khan & Muezzin stressed that honesty and punctuality were among the most important qualities to be displayed during an interview, while other firms such as Orr, Dignam & Co – specialising in corporate and commercial work – had a more scientific approach in their selection of candidates for the job. The firm continues to uphold its reputation with its impeccable work by choosing associates based on their intellectual and analytical strengths, a strong worth ethic and the ability to handle pressure in the workplace. They referred to their programme as “baptism by fire” which, as later explained by an associate, does justice to his time at the firm.

Other firms, such as Fazle Ghani Advocates stressed that commitment and the ability to show dedication to work is key to excelling in the field as a litigator, so much so that if one is to come home at 6 pm, it should feel like a day off.

Husnain Chaudry & Co had a more welcoming approach when it came to their selection process. The firm believes there is no such thing as a junior or senior lawyer and once we have the ability to argue cases, we are all colleagues. All that is required is whether a candidate is inquisitive and hardworking. Their focus was more on the presentation as far as litigation was concerned. According to them, associates should have volume, pace and distractive mannerism. And provided that this criteria is met – along with a strong academic record – associates would be given the perfect learning environment where everyone would be considered a professional equal.

Hassan Kunain & Nafees like other firms stressed upon the importance of an associate’s ability to communicate effectively. Candidates may look good on paper, but what they really want is substance and hardwork to go with it. Mrs. Kunain encouraged women to take up this profession, as in her firm’s experience women have proved to be more committed to the work.

Most importantly, all firms concluded that as long as one is willing to work hard and is truly passionate about law, nothing can stand in the way.

Simon Askey, Director of Undergraduate Laws at University of London International Programmes was also present to answer any study and exam related queries. In between promoting the Laws Programme I was lucky to have a moment with Simon Askey, in which he was reluctant on naming his favourite city. It’s safe to say he was leaning towards Lahore because of the city’s hospitable nature. He added that he enjoyed the weather in Murree and that his shalwar kameez was getting such a good survey that he almost wore it to the conference!

Overall it was a great experience. It gave students like myself a chance to network and be exposed to the practical side of the legal field. It was a great starting point for young lawyers to start applying and entering the legal profession.


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Hijab Waseem

Author: Hijab Waseem

The writer is a law student of the University Of London International Programmes and is pursuing LL.B from University College Lahore. She is the Assistant Editor of the UCL Human Rights Journal and an intern at CourtingTheLaw.


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