Let’s Redefine Honour!

Let’s Redefine Honour!

Famous artist Qandeel Baloch got murdered by her brother in Multan. Where is the world heading? Where has the humanity gone? Why have we lost the tolerance that is supposed to be the basic trait of being a human being. She was the woman who crawled the ladder to her success from being a helpless woman to an independent symbol of bravery and independence representing many women who are afraid to speak up against injustice.

Thousands of women and children are being harassed around the world by people like Mufti Qavi. She had the courage to put herself in a scandalous position in the process of unveiling the dirtiest faces of Pakistan.

Why is it not a big deal to be scantily dressed in a private Instagram or Facebook picture with terms like ‘beauties of Pakistan’ being thrown ever so casually to describe these pictures but a big deal to be yourself on a public page on social media? This is the same Qandeel Baloch who used to have around 1 million views on each of her videos. This is the same nation who is deemed to be topping the list of watching the most porn. Yes, we as Muslims kill in the name of honour our sisters, daughters and wives, but our promiscuous sons or brothers don’t share a similar fate. Gender roles have been an important factor when it comes to honour killings, with a male dominant society that is being ruled by women and men alike, leading us to hold a decades-old thinking standard. In fact, all of us should have been murdered by now for not being able to control our sexual desires, because, for sure, we are the same nation who would love to bed with such women and many others residing in the red light areas.

“All those who exploited this young woman can now be proud that she met a violent and untimely end. An outspoken, bold woman cannot prevail in a repressive society as ours. We all want a free ride. In this case the free ride was to laugh, snigger and share her many video blogs for a cheap laugh and at the same time condemn her for not conforming to our very high standards of self righteousness.”

– Naeem Ghauri.

Verily, we are the same people whose recent top most search on Facebook or Instagram was Qandeel Baloch Official when her new song was released, “kyunke humary liye ghalat dekhna, ghalat karne se chota gunah hai, iss liye chalta hai.”

If killing in the name of honour is part of religion or a trend in our society, then, how about killing all those men who are the sole source of earning in brothels? Why not kill those men who have been shattering the honour of the country and the world for ages.

Lets redefine the term honour. Honour is shattered every single time an innocent child sleeps hungry in a tent, every time a woman is raped by her husband, every time an innocent person is killed for not taking a bribe, every time someone speaks in favour of the minorities and gets killed, every time a woman sets foot out of the house and gets harassed and every time a child as young as 7 years old cleans the table in your house or restaurant. If this is the trend for killing in the name of honour, then let’s not just kill Qandeel Baloch – we all deserve to be killed because we all are the reasons for the demise of honour in our society.

We need to curb the hate from this world. We need to stop judging people for dirt in their hands when our own hands are deep in a pile of filth. Let us stop criticising people for raising their point of views. Let’s start judging the real criminals that are eating up the society slowly because honestly, Qandeel was the least harmful of all the brutes surrounding us.


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Rohama Riaz

Author: Rohama Riaz

The writer is a law student at Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS). She has interned at Naya Savera, Research Society of International Law (RSIL) and Courting The Law. She has also been part of a number of event managment committees and has keen interest in writing, photography and travelling.

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True, we are all in deep shot and with every passing day we are going deeper. On this brutal act you can see how many people were saying that “she deserved this” . Why it’s always a women?? Why we never heard that someone killed some man in honor killing or any other act?
You are right about everything but these people are never going to change.

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