How To Series (Session 1) For Young Lawyers And Law Students

Pakistan College of Law and Lahore Education & Research Network’s ‘How To’ Series – A Practical Skill Building Initiative for Young Lawyers and Law Students

The Lahore Education and Research Network in association with Pakistan College of Law successfully launched the LEARN-PCL How To Series: A Practical Skills Building Initiative for young lawyers and law students on Saturday 29th of October 2016.

The series began with a very useful and informative session on “How To Conduct Legal Research” delivered by Mr. Hassan Khan Niazi, Senior Associate at Mohsin Tayebaly and Co.

Mr. Niazi, in a very comprehensive lecture covered the core techniques, sources and methods for conducting legal research in Pakistan, both online and offline and gave an insightful presentation on how to look for your desired case-law even when you may not have access to any resources, databases or books. His presentation also covered researching case law from other jurisdictions including India, USA and the UK and very important guidelines on how to present the legal research to supervisors once it has been conducted.

Furthermore, Mr. Niazi stressed upon the importance of knowing what your deadline is before commencing legal research as the method will tend to vary depending on the timings. His grasp on efficient legal research methods and insightful techniques to reduce time were especially beneficial for the students and as well as young lawyers.

The majority of the participants gave a very encouraging feedback to the series and to the lecture. They found it most useful for their law practice and were happy to have an opportunity to add value to their resume.

The next session on “How To Register Trademarks” will be conducted on Saturday 5th November 2016 at Pakistan College of Law, Lahore between 4 to 6pm.


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