Paid-Volunteer Position With Lahore Education And Research Network (LEARN)

Paid-Volunteer Position With Lahore Education And Research Network (LEARN)

A part-time/home-based volunteer position has opened up at LEARN. We invite applications along with a recent CV from final year law students/young graduates from Lahore. The candidate will also be given a certificate at the end of the project in which he/she will have assisted.

Skills Required:

  1. Excellent communication and analytical skills;
  2. Creative thinking ability;
  3. I.T skills (photoshop and digital designs will be an added benefit);
  4. Inquisitorial mind and good grasp of current legal issues and trends.

Job Description:

The candidate will be required to assist LEARN in the execution of their upcoming legal training, advocacy and awareness projects. For this purpose, development of research survey, summary of collected data, marketing and content development will be part of the work. All other ancillary tasks for the development and execution of the projects is also included in the job description. The candidate will have to be available for any meetings or events that may be scheduled from time to time.


A stipend will be paid to the selected candidate on a monthly basis. The stipend will be determined after the probationary period of 4 weeks, and will depend on the skills and ability as well as on the dedication and commitment of the candidate towards the work and towards LEARN.

To apply:

Please send the following to [email protected]

  1. Statement of Interest/Cover Letter;
  2. CV/Resume;
  3. List of law courses you have completed and/or are enrolled for along with marks obtained in them;
  4. Name of institution and contact details.

Last Date for Application:

13th January 2017

Lahore Education And Research Network LEARN

Author: Lahore Education And Research Network LEARN

The Lahore Education And Research Network (LEARN) is a capacity building and research network based in Lahore that works in unison with other institutions and individuals on a collaborative model bases. In this way, we act as the bridge between the institutions we work with and the professional trainers, researchers and experts we liaison and network with to provide world class training, development and research to our clients tailored as per their needs and demands.