Research Society Of International Law’s Latest Publications

Research Society Of International Law’s Latest Publications

The Research Society of International Law (RSIL) will be launching two of its most recent publications:

  • Understanding International Humanitarian Law: A Primer on IHL
  • Pakistan’s Domestic Law and Preventive Detention: A Guide to Pakistan’s Operations.

There remains little awareness of international humanitarian law (IHL) or preventive detention in Pakistan. IHL is a framework of law that seeks to limit the effects of armed conflict and protect vulnerable persons and those not participating in hostilities. Preventive detention refers to the deprivation of a person’s liberty without formal arrest (this form of detention is often synonymous with enforced disappearances in the media).

RSIL’s new publications are in-depth introductory legal guides to two areas of law that are largely unexamined in Pakistan today, but two topics that are incredibly relevant to the national counter-terrorism agenda. No other publications of this kind are currently available in Pakistan. For this reason RSIL, with the support of the ICRC, will soon launch both publications to the public.

For further inquiries related to either publication, please contact RSIL Research Fellows Maira Sheikh ([email protected]) or Moghees Uddin Khan ([email protected]).


Author: RSIL

Research Society of International Law (RSIL) provides a perspective on both theoretical and practical applications of international law through analytical writing to both domestic and international stakeholders including the Government of Pakistan, non-governmental organizations, the legal fraternity, the media and the academia of Pakistan. It is the only international law think tank in Pakistan.