Call For Sponsorship – Women In Law Series

Call For Sponsorship – Women In Law Series

Lahore Education And Research Network – LEARN is looking for sponsors for its next initiative under the ‘Women in Law’ series.

The ‘Women in Law Series’ is a flagship programme of the Lahore Education and Research Network, which focuses on the challenges, skills, needs and opportunities of and for female lawyers in Pakistan.

As part of the programme we are launching the first ever worldwide publication dedicated to celebrating the success, life and journey of Pakistan’s women in law, that will feature female candidates from traditional as well as non-traditional legal careers who are the sources of inspiration to many others like them.

With many other interesting features and useful information for law students, graduates and advocates, this publication aims to be a landmark contribution towards success, particularly for women in law, and provide a valuable source of reference for matters related to them.

Should you be interested in further details on sponsorship packages, please contact us at [email protected]

Open to:

  • Law schools
  • Law firms
  • NGOs
  • Inter-governmental organizations
  • Women’s rights groups and other forums
  • Think-tanks
  • And all other persons/entities who may be interested in sponsoring.

We look forward to an opportunity to share our full presentation of sponsorship benefits with you.

Lahore Education And Research Network LEARN

Author: Lahore Education And Research Network LEARN

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