ADR Success Story: Khushab

ADR Success Story: Khushab

Mediation is a voluntary process of dispute resolution. It keeps intact the social relationship between the parties. Solution reached through mediation or conciliation is more likely to be honored.

Location: ADR Centre, Khushab

Mediator: Salman Asif (Accredited Mediator)

Title of Case: M.A Sattar vs. Muhammad ur Rehman

Nature: Appeal


M.A Sattar, the appellant filed an appeal before the learned Additional District Judge Khushab, challenging the order dated 17.02.2016 passed by learned Civil Judge in Khushab whereby the learned court attached the house of the appellant for the satisfaction of the decree passed against the son of the appellant.

Referring Court:

The case was referred to ADR Centre, Khushab for the purpose of amicable settlement of dispute by the court of Mr. Ahmad Nawaz Khan, learned Additional District Judge, Khushab.

Pending Since:

Parties were in litigation since the year 2014.
Original suit was filed on 26.05.2014.
Decree was passed on 29.02.2016.
Execution was filed on 25.03.2016.

Date of Referral and Resolution:

The matter was referred to ADR Centre, Khushab on 09.06.2017 which was resolved on the same day. Settlement agreement was executed by the mediator in consequence of the resolution.

Decision/Outcome of Mediation:

Parties were given an opportunity to communicate with each other in a conducive environment to break the ice initially. Appellant being the grandfather of the respondents, agreed to pay maintenance allowance to all the minors to the tune of Rs. 1,600,000/- (lump sum). He also agreed to look after the educational activities of his grandchildren. The minors were very happy to meet their grandfather.

Costs Incurred by Parties:

No cost was paid by either of the parties.

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