Extension Of Laws Of Pakistan To FATA

Extension of Laws of Pakistan to FATA

The federal cabinet has approved the extension of the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court and the Islamabad High Court to the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (Fata) as a step towards the implementation of overdue reforms in the country’s disorderly tribal areas.

In the initial draft, the jurisdiction of the Peshawar High Court was to be extended to the tribal areas.

The cabinet approved that a bill seeking the extension of the jurisdiction of the superior courts would soon be placed before the Parliament after which the controversial Frontier Crimes Regulation would be abolished. It was also agreed that normal legislation of Pakistan would be extended and enforced in Fata in a phased manner.

The cabinet was informed that a National Implementation Committee had been constituted to supervise the political, legal, administrative and developmental mainstreaming of Fata.

The committee in its meeting decided to install a transitional mechanism and to create a position of chief operating officer for the period of transition.

The Prime Minister has directed the Minister for Law and Justice to fast-track legislative and administrative measures for the mainstreaming of Fata in order for the people of Fata to have access to the fundamental rights on a par with the rest of the people in Pakistan.

The committee also approved the fast-track recruitment of police and redeployment of some of the Frontier Constabulary, after training, to perform police functions.