5 Reasons to Join KSJ Legal’s Summer School “Lawyer Launchpad”

Our flagship KSJ Legal Summer School 2024 is here with the theme “Envisioning a ‘GLO-CAL’ Career”. The term “glo-cal” is a blend of “global” and “local” and refers to a professional path integrating both global and local perspectives. For lawyers, having a glo-cal perspective is increasingly important due to the interconnected nature of today’s world, providing more comprehensive and nuanced legal advice, better serving their clients and navigate the complexities of a globalized legal landscape while being attuned to local specifics.

Titled Lawyer Launchpad, this summer school will add to your knowledge, skill set and, most importantly, your perspective. Here are the top 5 reasons why this summer school may be the answer to identifying your legal calling!

  1. Lawyers in a Global World: Redefine Your Role

Andrew Godwin,[1] Professor at the University of Melbourne, comments on the legal profession’s global personality in recent times, which has created a business environment across multiple markets that require lawyers and other advisers to be trained in multi-jurisdictional laws and contexts to stand out amongst peers.

Luckily, you will get a chance to engage with Pakistani lawyers who have helped move the country’s biggest investment transactions in the Middle East, United Kingdom and the United States. The summer school has an incredible speaker lineup with decades of experience in cross-border transactions and deep knowledge of local perspectives, including Mahnaz Malik, Natasha Zahid and Taimur Malik. They are international lawyers with a rich practice in multiple jurisdictions and associations with reputable legal institutions and law firms such as the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes, Taylor Wessing and Clyde & Co., among others. If you are somebody looking to go global, this is your chance to interact with the experts!

  1. A Career in Academia and Research: Looking Beyond the Traditional Corporate and Litigation Career Path in Law

Legal academia is where you get to be at the forefront of legal thought, influencing the legal landscape for years to come, compared to the practice of law where the focus is on applying existing legal principles to specific cases. Law professors and researchers don’t just teach existing law, they  play a crucial role in shaping the next generation of legal minds by introducing new ideas, challenge existing doctrines and inspiring students to question the status quo. If you are passionate about the law and want to see it evolve positively, you will want to hear Fatima Yasmin Bokhari, Hasan Saeed and Hira Jaleel speak about their life’s work in advocating for just laws, better institutions and systems in Pakistan and across the globe. These instructors will speak about what it means to lead a life of purpose with the might of the pen and how modern academics are shaping the world through multidisciplinary and breakthrough research.

  1. Let’s Settle the Debate: Corporate Law Firm or In-House Teams?

Do you crave variety and intellectual challenge, or do you prioritize work-life balance and a deeper connection to a single company? At KSJ Legal’s summer school, we aim to finally settle the debate with Rahmat Kamal, Partner at Haidermota & Co., who has handled some of Pakistan’s massive investment portfolios and specializes in projects and infrastructure, energy and natural resources, project finance, public-private partnerships, privatization and public procurement, and Mehvish Muneera, Company Secretary & General Counsel (Executive Vice President) at HBL Microfinance Bank (HBL MfB), the youngest member of the bank’s senior management and a recipient of Pakistan’s first Women in Law Awards 2020-2021 for the category of “In-house Legal Counsel”.

Discover the differences and similarities of pursuing a corporate career at a law firm versus a company to identify if this could be your potential legal calling!

  1. Young Lawyers’ In a World Full of Options But No Opportunities

I have been there, and it’s not good: the place where you graduate from law school but have zero idea on how to navigate the real and complex world of law. With an increase in the number of graduates every year and no employment opportunities, it is difficult to be optimistic about your legal future. Learn from me about how I crafted a niche for myself, from solo litigator to law firm owner, while also advocating for reform in the Bar for refined legal education and systems for young lawyers. Additionally, the curriculum and speakers for the summer school have been picked to cater to today’s law students and young lawyers. Young and successful speakers like Hiba Hassan (Harvard Law), Adam Khan (UPenn) and Maarij Shabbir (ULaw) have carved careers in the United States and the United Kingdom as attorneys and barristers. Given their recent success in passing their New York Bar and the SQE and starting careers afresh in new jurisdictions, young lawyers can learn from them about finding opportunities abroad, thus opening a spectrum of opportunities to choose from.

The question is: are you ready for this life-changing yet marvelous shift? Join to know.

  1. Network, and Engage in Different Perspectives

I am a firm believer in building long-term professional relationships, as a strong network can be a game-changer in your career. But where do you find your people? At seminars, lectures, closed group discussions, conferences and the KSJ Legal summer school. The connections I have made during our flagship summer/winter schools have led to me to know more about the trials of law students today and, in turn, have helped law students reach out to me for potential opportunities. Many of our previous participants have utilized the connections they made during the school to pursue projects and employment at the offices of the speakers. Moreover, engaging with like-minded fellow participants is also a good way of learning valuable information about your field or simply finding a community you can lean on while you navigate this tough profession of law.

These were the top 5 reasons, but this is only half the excitement. Find out more by registering for our Lawyer LaunchPad Summer School 2024 and become part of the Class of 2024!

Enroll here: https://forms.gle/NQNqfyz2LF1cQLfc6

Deadline: 3rd July, 2024
Starting date: 4th July, 2024
Number of Sessions: 6
Month: July
Mode: Online

Guest speakers: https://ksjlegal.com/2024/06/25/revealed-list-of-guest-speakers/

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[1] https://law.unimelb.edu.au/about/staff/andrew-godwin

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Khushbakht Shah Jillani

Author: Khushbakht Shah Jillani

The writer is a family law and domestic violence litigation specialist leading her law office, KSJ Legal, in Karachi.


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