The UK and Brexit

The UK and Brexit The European mammoth that is the European Union (EU) had been long asleep; confident in its strength and the unshakable foundation that […]

Student Politics: Who To Blame?

Student Politics: Who To Blame? “Those who refuse to participate in politics are destined to be ruled by their inferiors.” ~Plato Students are an integral part […]

Bashing The Refugees

Bashing The Refugees June 20th 2016, was the World Refugee Day, where Pakistan, a country that in the past had been taking credit for hosting one […]

Mili-Naghma And International System

Mili-Naghma And International System This independence day, Coke Studio recreated a famous mili-naghma (national song). We all have heard it before. It has been sung wonderfully, […]

Accountability For All!

Accountability For All! Accountability is an end desired by law through which a person is held responsible for his or her culpable actions in a civilized […]

How We Enable ‘Mob Mentality’

How We Enable ‘Mob Mentality’ Recently a video was shared which showed Mr Junaid Jamshed being attacked by a few bearded men at Islamabad International Airport. Although […]