Is Democracy A Good Option For Pakistan?

Is Democracy A Good Option For Pakistan?

Over the past several years, we the people of Pakistan have incessantly been forced to embrace the situation of obscurity in which we must proclaim the type of adept leadership suiting the country. However, we chose to rather be evasive despite being entangled in various problems such as corruption, unemployment, terrorism and electricity shortage etc. Hence, we stand at the brink of collapse as a mere few have managed so far to fully understand the hidden powers of the system given to the world by America about 200 years ago.

Being a student of Political Science, I have concluded that the aforementioned dilemmas facing our country are due to the fact that the majority of our population is illiterate, impatient and undemocratic. When a survey was conducted by the Pakistan Institute of Legislative Development and Transparency (PILDAT) a few years ago about what kind of leadership people wanted in Pakistan, I was completely taken aback that a majority still wanted the men in boots than the men who came at the peoples’ behest through elections. To my knowledge, Pakistan has been under the ominous shadows of military rule for more than 30 years, yet political scientists still believe that the revived democratic era starting from 2008 to present is the best as it has saved the country from numerous pitfalls hovering over us.

Indeed, democracy is the only solution as all the civilized and developed nations of the world enjoy its multifarious benefits and hence they always remain in the path of rapid progression. For example, when America was going through its crucial phase of history i.e. the Civil War, they did not opt to relinquish this system or ask for a coup d’état. Similarly, India since its inception in 1947 has chosen to strengthen its institutions created by democracy rather than wait for the ‘third umpire’ whenever political turmoil occurs. As far as Pakistan is concerned, we cannot blame the system for inept and corrupt political leadership which is eating our country like a termite.

Democracy is basically a gradual process. It takes time to grow and flourish. In Pakistan also it has started to grow, which has been somewhat conspicuous considering events like the dharna in Islamabad which might have led us to sudden and unmitigated disaster had there been a dictator sitting in the PM house. Therefore, it is the essence of democracy to welcome and tackle all kinds of hindrances in its path which makes it all the more smooth and flexible.

Now we have to ask ourselves honestly as to whether or not it is good for our country. Thus to the detractors I would say that for democracy to flourish and spread its benefits among the masses, we have to create a peaceful and welcoming environment. Also, we have to make the institutions created by it powerful and independent. And then we have to wait in order to make its roots strengthened and fortified. This is the only panacea which can be procured by the people of our country keeping in view the prevailing problems of Pakistan.


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Mominyar Khalid

Author: Mominyar Khalid

The writer is pursuing BA (Hons) in Political Science from Government College (GC) University Lahore and is an intern at CourtingTheLaw. He has keen interest in matters related to law and politics.