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Silence Of The Lambs

Silence Of The Lambs – Saving the citizen from falling into error is not  government’s job “Those who won our independence, believed that the final end of the state was to make men

Cyber Security

Cyber Attacks In Pakistan And The Middle East Countries

Cyber Attacks in Pakistan and the Middle East Countries While Middle East countries have faced humanitarian disasters spawned by Syria and Yemen since time immemorial, a greater problem now faces these countries:


Farieha Aziz

Big Brother Awaits

Big Brother Awaits A new scheme has been hatched by the powers that be to control information and speech. If they have their way, content management powers for the Internet — exercised


7-step Guide for Pakistani Victims of Hacking and Blackmail

7-step Guide for Pakistani Victims of Hacking and Blackmail Pakistan has the highest teledensity (75 per cent) in the region and the cheapest rates for radio internet to have ever been offered

Cyber Crime Bill 2015 Endorsed by National Assembly Despite Objections

The National Assembly Standing Committee on Information and Technology has approved the draft Cyber Crime Bill 2015 to be prsented to the House despite ongoing protests from the opposition and the civil society. The Bill