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Courting The Law at Women Judges Conference 2019

Courting The Law at Women Judges Conference 2019 The 3rd Women Judges’ Conference 2019 was recently organized in Lahore by the Punjab Judicial Academy and spearheaded by Justice Ayesha Malik, with the theme

Cybercrime – A Spider Web

Cybercrime – A Spider Web With the advancement of technology, evil intelligence also seems to be growing day by day. For instance, cybercrime has become a great threat to the world including


Criminals In Our Inbox

Criminals In Our Inbox Door-to-door marketing is not very common in Pakistan for a number of reasons. Even in other countries, technological developments in marketing and advertising have rendered door-to-door marketing redundant


Big Brother Awaits

Big Brother Awaits A new scheme has been hatched by the powers that be to control information and speech. If they have their way, content management powers for the Internet — exercised