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Restructuring Of Legal Education

Restructuring Of Legal Education In this article, the writer will be sharing his academic point of view on the restructuring of legal education in Pakistan. The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court

Access To Justice And Legal Aid

Access To Justice And Legal Aid According to a report titled Understanding the Informal Justice System: Opportunities and Possibilities for Legal Pluralism in Pakistan (2015), 98.2 per cent of respondents in a

Requiem For A Dream

Requiem For A Dream It is despicable for Pakistan Bar Council to propagate that judges of the honorable courts do not have powers to suspend the licence of lawyers who are guilty

CJ And Taming Of Feral Black Coats

CJ And Taming Of Feral Black Coats – Something needs to be done about the ‘us vs them’ mentality of the Bar Campaigns, elections, strikes, and protests; these events test the grit and

Judicial Accountability

Judicial Accountability In the wave of accountability in the country, it seems timely to submit before the Honorable Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) to make the judiciary accountable as the CJP earmarked

lawyers strikes

No More Strikes, Please!

No More Strikes, Please! When terrorists struck at a local court in Charsadda on March 7, 2016, and killed more than a dozen innocent people, right inside the court premises, court-going lawyers

Pakistan Bar Council Goes Medieval

Pakistan Bar Council Goes Medieval Justice V.R. Krishna Iyer has observed that, “Lawyering like justicing rises and falls in reputation and esteem according as they serve the great purpose of delivering justice