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Themis is an ancient Greek word relating to law/justice and also implies being “of good counsel”. This is the philosophy and inspiration behind Themis School of Law where we endeavour to provide our students with good counsel and advice in relation to both their legal studies and future careers. We envision to be a legal educational institute with the aim of producing lawyers equipped with the legal skills and practical knowledge required by employers in Pakistan as well as preparing students to go abroad to pursue further qualifications.



Themis School of Law is the first and the only law school in Karachi offering this type of vocational legal skills course. The Legal Skills Course helps our students gain an understanding basic Pakistani laws and procedures along with essential legal skills such as effective note taking, basic drafting and opinion writing skills, negotiation and advocacy skills and other associated skills



Applicants must fill out the Admission Form online on the Admissions Portal ( After submission of the Admission Form, the applicant is required to submit the following at the Admissions Office:

  • Registration Fee of Themis School of Law i.e. PKR 2000;
  • Copy of Computerised National Identification Card (CNIC);
  • Four (4) recent passport-sized photographs; and
  • One (1) set of photocopy of the documentary evidence of the academic qualification(s), as mentioned by the applicant on the Admission Form.

Applicants seeking a scholarship will need to submit the separate Scholarship form, at the time of submission of the application form. After submission, each application is considered in detail by the Admissions Committee. Applicants whose application are considered by the Admissions Committee as having strength will be called in for an interview before the Admissions Committee. Applicants’ knowledge of the law is not being assessed at this stage and will not be considered at the interview.



Applicants will be kept notified of important dates and the status of their application at each stage of the admissions process via e-mail/telephone. However, decision notifications are sent to the applicants after the interview. An admitted applicant will have two (2) weeks to respond to the offer of admission. Applicants will also be notified whether they have qualified for a merit scholarship from Themis School of Law. After an applicant is successfully admitted to Themis School of Law, his/her application for admission with the University of London will be processed.



At Themis School of Law legal education is personalized to each of one of our students. Academically, Themis School of Law is pragmatic and innovative in its approach to legal education. Our distinguishing factor, however, is our focus and emphasis on law in practice and associated legal skills. We strive to ensure that our students are equipped with practical legal skills and are able to apply their understanding of legal theory in practice.

What makes Themis School of Law different from other law schools? At Themis School of Law, we are more than just making the grades. Apart from teaching the subjects required for successful completion of an LLB (Hons.) degree, our students will be trained and prepared to enter the legal profession with the utmost confidence. We equip our students with the necessary legal acumen, understanding of major and minor legalities, and analytical skills which are essential to have a successful career in law, so that our graduates can confidently apply the theory of law in professional careers. Our practical approach to legal education gives our students an edge over other foreign law graduates.

As a student of Themis School of Law, you can proudly say that:

  • Themis School of Law is managed and run by a team of professional lawyers. This ensures that the highest standards of legal education are maintained and imparted to the students.
  • At Themis School of Law, students are our focus. In order to recognize the achievements of our students, we offer various merit scholarships.
  • Themis School of Law has a competitive fee structure, compared to other law schools. We ensure that our students get the best value at the most competitive cost.
  • Themis School of Law is the only law school in Karachi which offers the Legal Skills Course, a course designed in collaboration with prominent lawyers and leading law firms in Pakistan. The Legal Skills Course will help our students in gaining an understanding of basic Pakistani laws and procedures along with essential legal skills, such as advocacy, drafting, opinion writing etc., thereby ensuring competitive advantage, upon graduation, over all other foreign law graduates.
  • As a student of Themis School of Law, you will have access to a state-of-the-art library, accessible from morning to evening, which contains almost all major law books, legal journals and other reference material on various areas of law.
  • All students have access to ‘myThemis’ online portal, which allows them to have online access to teacher’s lectures, uploading/ downloading assignments, timetable and much more.
  • Students are given their own personal domain name email address ‘’ for official correspondence.
  • Themis School of Law participates in various national and international moot court competitions thereby giving students’ more opportunity to hone their communication and advocacy skills.
  • Themis School of Law has strong connections within the legal fraternity in Karachi and throughout Pakistan which allows us to provide assistance to our students and graduates in securing internship and job placements with leading law firms and legal departments in renowned companies. We have a dedicated Careers Development department which helps connect you with future employers and informs students of other exciting opportunities to learn and develop our graduates’ careers.
  • Themis School of Law arranges workshops, seminars and guest lectures involving prominent lawyers throughout the academic year on various areas of law and general public importance.
  • At Themis School of Law, we ensure that our students not only excel academically but also indulge in various extra-curricular activities throughout the academic year. We regularly arrange sports matches with other leading universities in Pakistan, visits and trips and much more.



Themis School of Law is committed to recognizing the achievements of its students. We offer a range of scholarships as token of our recognition. However, the scholarships are awarded on a competitive basis and only to candidates who can demonstrate, to the satisfaction of the Academics Committee, their high achievement in academics supplemented by extra-curricular activities. Applicants seeking to avail scholarships should apply for the scholarship at the time of their admission to Themis School of Law by filling out the Scholarship Form. The amount of the scholarship offered to successful applicants will be communicated to them at the time the admission decision is made. However, Themis School of Law reserves the right and has the discretion in respect of the disbursement of the scholarship amount(s).


Campus: Building No. 48-C Lane 7, Bokhari Commercial Area, Phase VI, DHA Karachi.

Phone: +92 (021) 35245794-5

E-mail: [email protected]



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Themis School of Law is the only dedicated law school in Karachi, offering the LLB (Hons) programme of the University of London International Programmes, combined with a Pakistani Legal Skills Course. At Themis, YOU are our focus. Our aim is to provide you with a true and complete law school experience and guide you through your journey in becoming a lawyer.