The Anti-Dumping Duties Bill, 2015

The Anti-Dumping Duties Bill, 2015 

Proposed and Moved by: Mr. Khurram Dastgar Khan (Engineer; Minister for Commerce)

Status: Passed by The National Assembly

Summary: The Anti-Dumping Duties Bill, 2015 seeks to put into effect, the World Trade Organization agreement on anti-dumping. The Bill further seeks to empower the National Tariff Commission so that they can process an application against alleged dumping of material and apply appropriate anti-dumping duties.

The main objectives and duties of the Bill are as follows:

1. To provide for a multilaterally agreed framework of rules governing actions against harmful dumping;
2. To provide an alternative arrangement in contingencies for smoothly carrying out investigations and making determinations;
3. To provide an effective appellate forum to decide on petitions related to initiations of investigations as well as final determinations.