Breakthrough In Karachi Law And Order Case

Breakthrough In Karachi Law And Order Case

The Rangers through their Counsel have asked the Honourable Supreme Court to establish Rangers’ Stations and for the right to prosecute the arrested alleged criminals.

The hearing was chaired by the Honourable Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Anwar Zaheer Jamali at the Supreme Court Registry Karachi.

Counsel for the Rangers demanded right to prosecute in crimes including target killing, terrorism, kidnap for ransom and Bhatta Khori along with the right to establish separate stations for the Paramilitary force.

The Supreme Court showed dissatisfaction over the report submitted by I.G Sindh. The Honourable Court lauded the efforts taken by the Rangers to maintain peace in the city, directed the police to bring transparency in their inquiries and to de-politicize the police.

Rangers took the stance that the provincial government is persistent to limit their power in the province. Moreover the Rangers asked the court to be granted special powers on annual basis.


Muhammad Ali Jafri

Author: Muhammad Ali Jafri

The writer is a final year student of law at S.M. Law College. His areas of interest include law, history and governance and public policy.