Women In Law, Dialogue Series, Session 2: Women In Litigation

Women In Law, Dialogue Series, Session 2: Women In Litigation

The ‘Women In Law Dialogue Series’ is a joint initiative of the Lahore Education and Research Network (LEARN) and Courting the Law (Pakistan’s first legal news and analysis portal) with support from LUMS. Session 2 will be held on Saturday 7th May 2016 from 2:30 pm onwards at LUMS Law School (SAHSOL).

The series is divided into three parts as follows:

  • Session 1: Women in Law: Challenges and Opportunities
  • Session 2: Women in Law: Women & Litigation
  • Session 3: Women in Law: Non-Traditional Career Paths

It aims to focus on the role of women within the legal profession. It celebrates the successful examples of those women who have made a mark for themselves in the profession by bringing their inspiring stories to motivate other female lawyers/students to follow course.

Purpose and Objective:

The purpose and objective is to maximize the utility of this human resource and to fully integrate them into the profession by creating opportunities and a work-ethic balance that practically enables more women to enter and remain in the profession after graduation.

About Session 2 on Women & Litigation:

Session 2 is aimed at creating awareness and addressing the gaps between women and litigation. The idea is to encourage more women to pursue litigation actively in courts and to participate meaningfully in the Bar in order to fully realize their potential within the profession. In this regard, the following themes have been finalized for discussion:

  • Theme 1: Women, Practice and Rights: How the Legal Profession is Failing its Women
  • Theme 2: Successful Exceptions and How they Overcame their Challenges
  • Theme 3: A Case for Reform: Making the Legal Profession more Gender-Friendly




The event is open to everyone. Please join us from 2:30 pm onwards at LUMS Law School on Saturday 7th May 2016.

To avoid any inconvenience at the gate please send your names to us at [email protected]

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