Balochistan Budget 2016-17: Rs 42.67 bn Allocated For Education

Balochistan Budget 2016-17: Rs 42.67 bn Allocated For Education

QUETTA: The Balochistan government has allocated Rs 42.67 bn for education, out of a total of Rs 289 bn provincial budget with a deficit of Rs 36.485 bn for the fiscal year 2016-17. The provincial budget was presented by Chief Minister Nawab Sanaullah Zehri in the Balochistan Assembly.

The allocation for education has been increased by 15 per cent for current fiscal year as compared to last year’s fiscal budget. Zehri further announced that 14000 students from the province will be given scholarships in national and international educational institutions.

Moreover, 80 primary schools will be upgraded to middle school level while 70 middle schools were suggested to be upgraded to high school in different areas of province. Three medical colleges would be established in Khuzdar, Loralai and Turbat. Rs 500 million has also been allocated for laptop scheme. Laptops for free would be distributed to students by provincial government.

For the current fiscal year, the provincial government has allocated more than Rs 17.39 bn for health sector, out of which Rs 1.57 bn will be spent for provision of free medicine for people who can’t afford them.

The new fiscal budget includes Rs 218.174 bn of non-develpoment expenditures and Rs. 71.182 bn of Annual Development Program or Public Sector Development Program. Zehri also announced 10 per cent increase in the salaries of government employees and said that the minimum salary has been increased to Rs 14000.

The provincial government, for the provision of clean drinking water to Quetta, has allocated Rs 10 bn. For improvements in agricultural sector, the government has allocated Rs 7.4 bn.

For law and order, the provincial government has allocated over Rs 30.25 bn, out of which Rs 880 million will be spent to provide Police and Levies forces with advanced equipment, weapons and vehicles.