New LHC CJ Introduces Reforms On First Day In Office

New LHC CJ Introduces Reforms On First Day In Office

In his maiden speech, the newly appointed Chief Justice of the Lahore High Court Mansoor Ali Shah undertook several measures to reform the current judicial system under him. On his very first day, he demoted 30 corrupt judicial officers by making them OSDs (Officers on Special Duty). This includes three district and sessions judges, six additional district and sessions judges and 21 civil judges. Moreover, he constituted a disciplinary committee which includes him and six other judges to curb the prevalent trend of misbehavior in the courts.

In addition to that, he expressed concerns over the rights of women judges in the lower courts and thus established a Judicial Officers (Female) Supervisory Committee to resolve the issues relating to women judicial officers. He also constituted a seven-member Working Committee to look after the affairs of the High Court. The Chief Justice vowed to take stringent measures against those found guilty of malpractice and misconduct.


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Can anyone explain and tell reason as to why Punjab High Court is termed as Lahore High Court(LHC) whereas Sindh High Court is called as Sindh High Court(SHC)?Please logical answer.Thanks

May be they are self obsessed” Lor Lor ae” or may be….lol, Don’t know but it seems you have missed the Peshawar High court.

Kindly do some reading on the history and origin of courts in Pakistan before and after partition. U will come to know that everything is not part of some wicked plan 🙂

Cheers. Your heart-felt intentions has become voice of whole Pakistan. Please DIsmiss all judges who released terrorists and rapists. You will be judged by deeds not speeches. Look at Iftikhar Ch, how calm public re-acts. Not a single common person joined his party. That is Publix reaction.

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