Rapist Put Behind Bars

Rapist Put Behind Bars

The society, every now and then, expresses its anger and disgust over rape incidents that frequently occur in our surroundings. It may not surprise many that quite a few victims get scarred for life because of the incomprehensible tilt of their elders towards quack pirs who end up raping and molesting women and children to fulfill their lustful desires.

In the judgment titled State v Ghulam Rasool dated  29.06.2016 authored by the Additional Sessions Judge Mr. Sair Islam, a fake pir who had been accused for raping a 15 year old girl, had been sent behind bars for 25 years i.e. the maximum punishment that could be awarded for such a crime. The victim was represented by Barrister Haris Azmat, assisted by Muhammad Bilal Ramzan, Asmar Sheikh and Ali Khalid Sindhu.

Barrister Haris argued before the judge that the admission of guilt by the fake pir was quite obvious from his statement wherein he had stated that it was the ‘little girl’ who tried to overpower him after which he could not control his desire. Barrister Haris argued that the story was unbelievable as it was not possible for a child who was ill to overpower a 35 year old man. It is pertinent to note that the pir had been called by the parents of the child to treat her illness. Not only was the admission of guilt on part of the culprit pointed out before the learned judge but the medical evidence also corroborated the stance of the victim. Post judgment, Barrister Haris opined that people who ravage other people’s lives shall not be allowed to roam freely in society and that his legal team would do all that is possible and in their power to make this society a better and safe place to live in.


I have read policy so introduced by my lordship ,Hon’ble Chief Justice Mr.Mansoor Ali Shah and I am at the humble opinion that it is the tune of time as the judicial department is to be strenghtened with maximum score as it is the last hope for the needy persons who are roaming in the corridor of the courts without getting the justice and the courts are the last resort to get the justice for their rights.Almighty Allah bless to Hon’ble Chief Justice Sahib with maximum score.

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