Call For Papers: RSIL Law Review

Call For Papers: RSIL Law Review

The Research Society of International Law (RSIL) invites submissions for the inaugural edition of its Law Review. We are seeking scholarly articles on critical areas of international law and domestic legal issues with international law implications. RSIL is an organization dedicated to the non-partisan dissemination of international law and its underlying obligations and principles.

The RSIL Law Review is a peer-reviewed journal established to provide cutting-edge legal scholarship on pressing issues of international relevance. These issues may manifest within either international or domestic legal concerns to be addressed by the author. The Law Review seeks to publish superior quality research and writing and to foster the growth of a domestic academic community dedicated to engaging in critical discussions on international law. The collected articles shall be chosen for the profound impact they will have on international and domestic discourse.

The RSIL Law Review seeks to publish works that display excellence in both written English and legal academic analysis. The submission of articles that use creativity, a transdisciplinary approach or address comparative law issues as they relate to international law and domestic issues of international relevance is also encouraged. RSIL accepts student notes (up to 2500 words) and full-length articles (4000-8000 words). All those interested should submit an abstract (no more than 200 words) summarizing the article/note. Papers may be on any topic related to international law or domestic law issues with international law implications. Abstracts for papers-in-progress are also welcome.

Abstract submissions should be accompanied by a brief biography of the author(s) and sent to [email protected] by September 5, 2016 for review. All abstracts will be vetted on a rolling basis and those chosen for the Law Review shall be notified for further submission of the complete article.


Author: RSIL

Research Society of International Law (RSIL) provides a perspective on both theoretical and practical applications of international law through analytical writing to both domestic and international stakeholders including the Government of Pakistan, non-governmental organizations, the legal fraternity, the media and the academia of Pakistan. It is the only international law think tank in Pakistan.