4 Game of Thrones Characters Who’d Make Fabulous Lawyers

4 Game of Thrones Characters Who’d Make Fabulous Lawyers

Let me begin by saying that this series needs no introduction because if you don’t know what the Game of Thrones is, you might as well go back to living to under a rock. Six seasons so far and each one more amazing than the previous one! Characters who are brutal and beautiful, deceptive and droll, fatal and funny all at once! With such diversely characterized artists, I have taken the difficult task of choosing 4 characters who’d make amazing lawyers. Yes, lawyers you’d die for!


Without a speck of doubt I would choose Tyrion as the best lawyer there could be out of this entire cast. He does not fail to surprise us with his knowledge and verbal skills as he employs them shrewdly to dodge death a couple of times in the past six seasons. Confidence, knowledge, persuasiveness and their right application, these are skills deeply embedded in him. And he’s hilariously hilarious too, so you could have a good time in court if he was your lawyer. Apart from his drinking habit perhaps, he would be the perfect lawyer to choose when facing death trial.

The Mother of Dragons

Trust me, if there is one woman I absolutely have faith in being a spectacular lawyer, it is Daenerys Targaryen, “the woman with countless names”. Whether she is your Khaleesi, or the Breaker of Chains, you can absolutely not help yourself from loving her when she speaks. Her self-assurance is something we all wish we possessed. The way she begins her quest for reclaiming the Iron Throne from scratch to the point where she reaches at the end of season 6 is enough to daze us with her magic. She knows her strengths and uses them amazingly to conquer what she rightfully believes to be hers. Whether it is freeing the slaves of the Mereen or emerging out of fire unburnt, this woman knows how to convince others of herself. Her fierceness and persuasive skills take her a long way and I’m sure she’ll make an amazing lawyer convincing the judges each time because she is the “Mother of Dragons” and you don’t mess with her.


She is vicious! No adjective can precisely describe this unfathomably ambitious, innocently deceptive and extremely notorious woman. Her malicious plotting tells us that she can make a remarkable lawyer because she knows how to save her skin, and might save yours too! Undeniably, Cersei has brilliant speaking skills, but she also has an obsession with always winning which is why I believe she can be a great lawyer. (SPOILER) The way she manages to escape her trial, getting rid of all her enemies once and for all is CUNNING, very cunning. And sometimes, that is what you want your lawyer to be. Wit and viciousness often lead to survival.


I wouldn’t have been surprised even if Petyr Baelish was nicknamed BIGfinger, he is diplomatic BIG TIME. If you are looking for Alternative Methods of Dispute Resolution (ADR) and still trying to be victorious, Littlefinger is your guy. He will be diplomatic, persuasive and act super sincere only to be backstabbing you afterwards. With a mind as shrewd as his, and vast resources, he makes up for the snobbish lawyers who are full of themselves. Do not doubt for once that he won’t rip you off with his fees, but if victory is all you want with no care for money, go for him because he’s definitely your boy!

For all of you who were wishing to find Jon Snow on the list, know that you know nothing. Snow is the sincere, too-good-to-be-true human being and would make the perfect judge! Also let me know what you think? Which potential lawyer have I missed on this list and why? With that I bid you and Hodor farewell, because ‘winter’ isn’t only coming, it has come!

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Swaiba Saeed

Author: Swaiba Saeed

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