Inspiring Conversation with Abrar Hassan, Advocate Supreme Court

Inspiring Conversation with Abrar Hassan, Advocate Supreme Court

Muhammad Zafar and Muhammad Asad Haq called upon Mr Abrar Hassan, Advocate Supreme Court, and discussed professional ethics, issues and reforms in the Pakistani legal system, advice for prospective law students and interns, burning the midnight oil and maintaining a work-life balance, getting opposing counsel to concede and being inspired by mentors during legal career. Watch the inspiring interview here:


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Muhammad Zafar

Author: Muhammad Zafar

The writer is an intern at Courting The Law and a first year LLB student at SZABIST. He is ambitious about fighting injustices and promoting social causes.

Muhammad Asad Haq

Author: Muhammad Asad Haq

The writer is a second year LLB student at SZABIST and an intern at Courting The Law. He has keen interest in constitutional and criminal law and aspires to pursue a Juris Doctorate degree.

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There is no second opinion in gauging the conversation and that is definitely superb. Though the learned Abrar Sab does not require any credential of appreciation from my side yet for myself I would like to share my views. Unfortunately, some disturbance occurred in my computer system therefore I share my views in certain areas. However one point would serve my purpose and that is of dithering tactics of the lawyers.

Time wasting strategies rather criminal tricks along with notoriously played deception of adjournments bring hell on the litigant, and such transgressions are inseparable part of our system especially juniors used to learn from the court clerks the smart traps while that creates worst impression of the lawyers and the judiciary.
Today I wrote somewhere an article but I cannot search as the time of load-shedding is going to commence therefore a brief description could be shared here.
The painful meanness must be taken up as top priority and it should be solved on war footings, otherwise we will lose the confidence of the general public.
Delaying is the most painful thing. We, I mean, the entire judicial authorities, lawmakers and legal fraternity carve out some ways to avoid such things. I know the excruciating and agonizing moments I faced and still am before the Honourble judges. See I ran from pillars to post whereas quarter of a century’s sufferings are related to my existence and that is harrowing experience full of disgusting moments besides physical exertions, journey from Hyderabad to the Honourable High Court Sukkur, (whereas transfer applications of petitions were turned down, while I am 73+), mental agony, financial losses and etc all have worst impact on my health.
It is a matter of common sense and there is no rocket science involved in it that some patients especially cardiacs, need rest, and quiet. Just after first heart attack my cardiologist advised me to have rest and avoid long journeys while I used to take up journey from Hyderabad to Sukkur on every hearing (It is about 326 km from my dwelling place to the Honourable High Court Sukkur)

Such may be called a severe smack across the face of our systems. But I, therefore, being an optimist to the core of my heart try to dig out some solution instead of criticizing and finding faults to such enigmas. So every individual is requested to come out with some solution in order to address discrepancy and surely in positive manner. One should not react to such horrendous conditions. Because I believe that practicing blame game will not serve the purpose to meet the challenge. Dig out the ways for inexpensive, expeditious just justice for every compatriot and the article enshrined in our Constitution for expeditious and inexpensive must be implemented according to the court’s dictum ‘in letter and spirit’ and not the otherwise Iam afraid of load shedding without proof reading I submit this passage

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