Lahore High Court’s First Judgment Against Forced Conversions [PLD 2020 Lahore 489]

For the first time, the Lahore High Court has issued a judgment on forced religious conversions in Pakistan.

Download a copy of this judgment here: 2019 LHC 4414 / PLD 2020 Lahore 489

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I feel it is a great opportunity for an individual to talk about his/her issues that need to be seen within the framework of the law and not heard nor counted so far.
My question belongs to a particular behavior of the honorable court they usually and at most do while hearing a case ,petitioner versus the government .He we find the loved affairs of the judiciary with the government institutions by just calling them 10 times or more than 20 or 30 times and giving the government institutions more and more times to come and deny the petitioner despite the respondent pays no attention on such 20 or 30 notices and always poses he/she is ready or preparing reply so he/she be given some more times for and come and reply.This sort of loved affairs do not help the poor but always the rich and the influential people of the society,say my case,it is passing more than 5 years and the government has been summoned more than 27 times but getting more and more times to come and deny me.I am very much clear that the ultimate beneficiary of this particular behave of the honorable courts is the rich or the elites sitting in the government or somewhere else.My simple question is that which laws/articles of the constitution let the judiciary to do so if not saving their vested interests and not losing their any love with at the cost of a poor.With reference to quotes of many judges that the delayed justice is denied justice is not seen by the honorable judges and they always give more and more times to the government institutions except posing their anger mostly but never daring to help the poor,they mostly die,sell their properties,get loans to follow the cases for having access to justice.Please comment.

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