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The Problem With Pakistani Police

The Problem With Pakistani Police The idea behind writing this article is to highlight the problems prevailing in the police system of Pakistan, the root causes of these problems and the measures

Tout Surety – An Open Secret

Tout Surety – An Open Secret When we read about the problems in our justice system, all arguments revolve around one very important issue: delays. Seldom, if at all, do we read

Qandeel Baloch – Awaiting Justice

Qandeel Baloch – Awaiting Justice Murderers of Qandeel Baloch were recently pardoned by her parents again for the second time since the case had opened. Pardoning and forgiving criminals is so common

Costs that Pinch

Costs that Pinch The development of law is an interesting phenomenon. It is informed by so many factors. While it may be true that evolution of collective consciousness precedes or shapes up

Let Justice Be Done Though The Heavens Fall

Let Justice Be Done Though The Heavens Fall Justice is a notion so pure that it is autonomous to the idiosyncrasies of emotions, affections and aspirations. The only objective of a court

Legal Witch-Hunt

Legal Witch-Hunt As any student of law, I also believe that judges exist to interpret the law with guidance from lawyers and implement it with the help of the Constitution. However, it

Failed Attempt!

Failed Attempt! The laws in Pakistan are ancient, to say the least. For instance, the Civil Procedure Code (CPC), the predominant law regulating the procedure of civil courts is dated 1908 and

The Dynamic Chief Justice

The Dynamic Chief Justice There have been many precedents in the history of nations according to which the hectic efforts of a single person with a mighty vision have enlightened the dark. That person

Access To Justice Hampered By Strikes

Access To Justice Hampered By Strikes “… The rule of law depends upon public confidence and public acceptance of the judicial system; therefore, anything which tends to undermine that confidence in the