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Beyond Morality And Legality

Beyond Morality And Legality “Piety and moral conduct construct the countries and prolong the ages” says Imam Jafar Sadiq. Moral intellectualism is a view according to which genuine moral knowledge must take


How We Enable ‘Mob Mentality’

How We Enable ‘Mob Mentality’ Recently a video was shared which showed Mr Junaid Jamshed being attacked by a few bearded men at Islamabad International Airport. Although personally I am not a fan


Defending The Indefensible

Defending The Indefensible  A few days back, I co-authored a set of proposals in these pages for making the National Action Plan (NAP) effective. For the first time, a framework has been

Death Penalty for Mumtaz Qadri Maintained

Death Penalty for Mumtaz Qadri Maintained The Supreme Court of Pakistan has upheld the death sentence for Mumtaz Qadri the killer of former Governor Punjab Salman Taseer. The verdict was issued by