Punjab Social Protection Authority Act 2015

The Act seeks to establish an all-encompassing social protection system for poor and vulnerable people in Punjab.

Definitions (as per the Act)

Term poor is defined in the Act as; an individual or household who or which is living below
poverty line as may be determined by the Authority.

Term social protection is defined as; all public and private initiatives that provide income or consumption transfers to the poor, protect the vulnerable against livelihood risks, and enhance the social status and rights of the marginalized with the overall objective of reducing the economic and social vulnerability of poor, vulnerable and marginalized groups.

Authority shall be a body corporate. Chairperson will be the Chief Minister.

Functions of the Authority

  • Formulation of social protection policy
  • Coordinate and consolidate social protection initiatives
  • Propose legislation in line with the objectives
  • ensure equitable allocation of resources
  • prepare, store and disseminate data regarding eligible poor and vulnerable under various categories of poverty
  • evaluate performance of social sector programs
  • determine and notify eligibility criteria
  • evaluate performance of agencies
  • formulate and execute policies for social protection which may include food, education, health, social assistance, social inclusion and labour market regulations
  • prepare strategic reports that set out policies over a specified period to meet the targets for social protection
  • compile a set of common indicators which show how progress towards the goals of social protection is achieved
  • notify procedure for the identification, coverage and delivery mechanisms for the welfare beneficiaries
  • notify the disbursement procedures of the social interventions for each relevant Government department or agency
  • monitor existing social protection programs and recommend to the Government their reorganization, consolidation or amalgamation with other social protection programs in the interest of efficiency and utility
  • develop social protection framework for each region
  • oversee the establishment of social protection centers in each region to provide legal and social protection assistance and promote social awareness
  • engage any person or entity on contract basis to carry out assignments in accordance with the rules and regulations


  • Constitute Social Protection Coordination Committee.
  • Social Protection Coordination Committee shall coordinate with the Federal Government or other agencies for functional linkage between the Federal and Provincial Government’s initiatives in various social sectors and the Committee shall supervise and oversee any joint ventures or mutually identified programs.
  • Committees such as financial, technical and advisory committees, as may be deemed necessary for carrying out the purposes of this Act