“Aim to B’more” to Give Young Offenders a Second Chance

Baltimore State Attorney Marilyn Mosby announced the launch of her new program called “Aim to B’more”.

The program aims to give people who have been convicted of non-violence crimes a second chance. The participants are required to complete three years of probation, community service, a five-month internship, and search for employment. Participants will have their records expunged after successful completion of the program.

A group of first-time felony drug offenders will get the chance for a clean slate and job training under a new program that Baltimore’s top prosecutor said will make the cycle of incarceration and unemployment easy.

Mosby wants to look at the systemic poverty as the real problem which causes crimes in Baltimore. She believes that the busy courts should be utilized for the worst cases and the young people should be given a second chance at redemption.

People interested in the program can email Spector at [email protected]