Judicial Commission Report on Rigging Accepted by Imran Khan

The Judicial Commission report which was formed on request to probe rigging allegations during the 2013 General Elections, by the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf, has proved that there, in fact, was no systematic rigging during the elections.

PTI had held a 126-day sit-in in Islamabad last year to emphasize a judicial inquiry into the rigging allegations.

The Commission, which includes three judges, headed by Chief Justice Nasir-ul-Mulk, held 39 sittings and completed the hearing and concluded its report July 3. The Commission, which was formed under a residential ordinance on April 3 after months of battle between the political parties- PTI and the PML-N, had commenced proceedings on April 9. It also recorded testimonies of 69 witnesses, including government and judicial officers, politicians, and journalists. The Commission was to investigate whether the elections were influenced in a conscious and systematic manner and whether the overall poll results were a fair reflection of the electoral mandate or not.

Imran Khan, the chairman of PTI, has accepted the findings of the judicial commission report but has said that he will express his reservations and reactions later.