Exceptional Results From Pakistani Law Students

Exceptional Results From Pakistani Law Students

As the popularity of the University of London International Programmes LLB degree increases in Pakistan, so does the quality of results. The results of the law course, released in the second week of August by the University of London International Programmes, were a source of pride and accomplishment not only for those who earned them, but for the Pakistani nation as a whole.

Mr. Ahmed Farooq, a student of a well established law institute, Islamabad School of Law (ISL), topped his peers with the best aggregate in the world on the University of London International Programmes Diploma in Law this year and indeed outperforming the best aggregate on LLB Scheme A Year 1 as well. Mr. Simon Askey, Director, Undergraduate Laws Programme, congratulated Mr. Ahmed Farooq on his achievement.

Mr. Usama Rauf, another student of ISL, had the top 4th result amongst his peers in Pakistan. The achievements of these students speak of the vast potential of Pakistani students, who under the right guidance are capable of achieving levels of excellence that are nothing short of world class.

Mr. Ahmed Farooq, holder of the highest Diploma in Law and LLB result in the year 2015, credits his achievement to consistent hard work and commitment. ‘You cannot do it on your own either. You need a helping hand to guide you through the methodology. Thankfully, I had the faculty at ISL and I had my parents. I could not have asked for anything better,’ he stated. ‘Go the extra mile. Do what others are not willing to do’, he remarked as an ending note.

You need to trust your teachers and more importantly, you need to trust yourself,’ said Mr. Usama Rauf. He attributes his result, which landed him the top 4th position in Pakistan, to hard work and meaningful study right from the beginning of the year.

The University of London International Programmes has confirmed it will award prizes to both students for their excellent academic performance. Islamabad School of Law, where both students are presently studying, has also announced scholarships for both students. With results such as these, it is evident that there is no dearth of talent or possibilities in Pakistan.

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