Tips for Passing CompTIA A+ Network+ & Security+ Certification Exams to Jumpstart Your IT Career

Most of the people require CompTIA Certifications in order to excel over IT. The CompTIA exams have become globally recognized, and several multinational companies demand certified professionals. With the advancement in time, the CompTIA A+, Security+ & Network+ certifications have evolved and always updated on the basis of the recent IT requirements. Getting a job in the IT sector is one of the important and difficult tasks to do. Nonetheless, out of all, the problem stands with getting the resume. Since there are so many people out there, if you aren’t certified, your resume may not be able to stand out. However, if you have one of the CompTIA Certifications in your resume, the employees will surely acknowledge it.

There are several hiring managers who are aware of the importance of CompTIA A+ certification. It is one of the major certifications required by the beginners who are to pass the IT field. Many hiring professionals are of the view that having CompTIA A+ certification determines Windows & Mac Basics and you are an expert in the IT field. In order for the professional as well as a non-professional to identify your potential, you must have an A+ certification. People having Associate or Bachelor degrees too can outshine others with the A+ certification.

What is the importance of getting a vendor-neutral degree?

One of the key benefits of being CompTIA A+ (220-901 and 220-901), Network+ (N10-007) or Security+ (SY0-501) certified is that you can explain that you have basic knowledge about the foundation which is required in several entry levels of it sector. You are informed about all the updates in the information technology that comprises not only servers but also desktops and mobile devices.

The importance of knowing the basics will keep on growing as an essential part of the corporate help desk. It helps to enhance your productivity. Most of the multinational companies want their employees to have a basic knowledge of the IT sector as support personnel regarding the field of networking and security. Also, these companies want their professionals to cater to the needs of their customers. Even if you’re able to offer a small hit to your customers, you may turn out to be one of the most efficient employees in the company.

You are made aware of the different sections such as security, networking, operating system, and the basic functions if email. The CompTIA certifications A+ 220-901 & 220-902 exams, Network+ N10-007 and Security+ Sy0-501 exams determine that you are a trained professional who has basic knowledge about the maintenance of IT in business sectors.

A+ Certification Exams

The A+ certification is offered by the Computing Technology Industry Association (CTIA). It is one of the most recognized and essential credentials in the IT sector. Nonetheless, before taking the test, it is necessary to have experience in the IT sector or lab for about 9-12 months.

Several multinational and international companies recognize the importance of the A+ certifications. International standard bodies such as ISO and the various government bodies regard the certification to be legitimate. Also, you can land up in a high-level government job if you have CompTIA A+ (220-901 and 220-902) certification. Since the certification offers for vendor neutrality, it necessarily doesn’t focus on any prime system. It rather puts its prime focus on all the arenas if the IT sector which is necessary for the industries.

How can you get the CompTIA A+?

In order to get through the complete course of CompTIA A+ certification, you will have to get through two exams 220-901 and 220-902. The two exams include

 CompTIA A+ 220-901 exam

This is the initial step of the A+ certification, the topic of this exam covers mobile devices, hardware, and networking of the computer. It also includes the troubleshooting hardware and the methods to handle network connectivity issues. The exam requires to score 75% to pass it.

 CompTIA A+ 220-902 exam

This exam basically deals with the installation and configuration of the operating system such as Android OS, Windows, Linux and more. It also involves cloud computing. In this test, the candidate must score about 78%.

 CompTIA Network+ Certification

Most of the professionals these days do not have CompTIA A+ certification. As a result, multinational companies demand higher qualified and certified professionals. It is one of the best ideas to get certified with CompTIA A+ certification. This will help you land in higher paid jobs with a wider range of opportunities. It won’t be wrong to say that a number of professionals aren’t aware of the importance of the CompTIA A+ certification.

 CompTIA Network+ N10-007 exam

If a person seeking a career in the IT field completed the Network+ N10-007 certification, it could prove to be a great addition to the resume. Also, a study stated that individual vehicles had CompTIA A+ Network+ N10-007 or Security+ certification tend to earn more than the non-certified professionals. Also, these people are offered a hefty sum of money in the initial phase itself.

CompTIA Security+ Certification

The Security+ Certification is the leading certification among cybersecurity professionals and the Sy0-501 exam consists of 90 questions each which should be answered in 90 minutes. Also, the questions are multiple-choice based and performance-based. In order to completely get the Security+ Sy0-501 certification, it is necessary to pass the exam.

CompTIA Security+ Sy0-501 Exam

The CompTIA Security+ Sy0-501 certification usually holds valid about three years from the day you pass the exam. There is a continuation course too offered by CompTIA Security+ Sy0-501 that can help you renew the certification after it expires. This is a much easier process.

A great boost to the resume

The different IT professionals identify the importance of vendor-specific technologies in the job sector. They may either do it by working in the field or by getting those certifications. Nonetheless, clearing these entrance exams may prove to be a little tough for the beginners or people who have little knowledge in the field. However, after obtaining the certification, the people can have a well-developed IT career.


If you manage to score about A+ in CompTIA Certifications, it can prove to be a great boost to the IT professional’s resume. Also, the CompTIA exams is just the initial phase. After clearing the initial phase, one can move to the next. Over the years, this certification is highly valued. You can prefer taking the test if you want a reputable career in IT.

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